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June 2015
Eichler Renovation in Palo Alto by Bellomo Architects

The Joseph Bellomo Architects Inc, is an architectural design bureau that offers design solutions to projects such as mixed use, residential, modular housing, commercial and urban planning which received the 2010 American Institute of Architecture Santa Clara Valley Merrit Award for the restoration work on the Alester Addition in Palo Alto, California.


AIA Santa Clara Valley
October 2014
Winner Of 2014 Birge Clark Award

This award recognizes outstanding achievement in architectural design as expressed in a body of work produced by an individual architect over a period of at least 10 years. The award is intended to honor the individual rather than the firm .The emphasis is on the consistent quality of work over the architects career.


June 2013
Forms of Relief

5 frames are ready to go—house frames that is. Architect Joseph Bellomo, who designed the HouseArc with design partner Taraneh Naddafi, has offered to ship 5 homes in response to the devastated Oklahoma area.


July 2012
A Palo Alto Vintage et high-tech


Sunset Magazine
June 2, 2012
Sunset Magazine Features Bellomo Architects' House Arc

It’s kind of heating up around here as we get ready to kick-off our annual open house, Celebration Weekend that celebrates life out West (next year I’m gunning for the theme to be Westphoria).

VIEW ARTICLE | Bellomo Architects at Sunset Magazine

Sunset Magazine
Experience the House Arc at this year’s Sunset Celebration Weekend in Menlo Park, California, from June 2-3, 2012.


New York Times
May 30, 2012
A Retreat for Haves, a Shelter for Have-Nots

With its curved lines and steel exterior, the House Arc may resemble an old Airstream trailer, but its design was inspired by a bike rack...


Palo Alto Online
May 30, 2012
Making the most of indoor/outdoor living

Some may see the oblong structure as a future cabana, writer's hideaway or an extra bedroom in the backyard...


CNN Money
May 29, 2012
Living off the grid in a mail-order home

House Arc may look like an egg-shaped antidote to McMansion mania, but this small mail-order home was really designed as a way to quickly provide housing to victims of disaster...


Mother Nature Network
May 17, 2012
A work of Arc: Bike rack-inspired prefab 'unpacks' for Sunset Celebration Weekend

Given that we’re about halfway through National Bike Month, I thought it would be only appropriate to feature at least one bicycle-centric work of architecture. So here you go...


San Francisco Chronicle
May 1, 2012
Discover What's "Fresh From the West" at Sunset's 15th Annual Celebration Weekend June 2nd & 3rd in Menlo Park

Join Sunset Editors, Celebrity Chefs, and Garden, Home and Travel Experts as They Bring the Pages of the Magazine to Life for Two Days of the West's Best Food, Wine, Design and More...

Modern Home Tours
The 2012 Silicon Valley Modern Home Tour will feature 8-12 amazing examples of contemporary and mid-century architecture throughout Silicon Valley.

The 2012 Silicon Valley Modern Home Tour will feature 8 amazing examples of contemporary and mid-century architecture throughout Silicon Valley...

Wall Street Journal
January 6, 2012
Midcentury Made Modern
A Palo Alto couple takes on an architectural symbol of Silicon Valley

Globally known as ground zero of the tech boom, Palo Alto is architecturally known for something else: a preponderance of modest wood homes with concrete-slab foundations and midcentury-modern lines....


Design Bureau
January /February 2012
Out of the dark, into the Arc

Between potholes and parked cars clogging up bike lanes, the average urban cyclist can encounter some pretty hairy stuff.Enter Bike Arc, a bike-parking systemthat gives cyclists...


House Arc

Palo Alto, CA (October 19, 2011) – Innovative, modular, and 100% off-the-grid, the House Arc is an ingenious prefab system designed by Bellomo Architects of Palo Alto, CA. The curvaceous 150-square-foot home, which is part of the firm’s Arc Products line, is prominently featured in the new publication, “Nano House: Innovations for Small Dwell...
Giz Magazine
February 16, 2012
Modular home comes delivered in a 10 foot box and is assembled "like an IKEA house"

House Arc, by Bellomo Architects, is a prefabricated off-the-grid housing solution that facilitates compact living. The project was originally designed as an environmentally sensitive and affordable method of housing that is not only functional but also attractive to the eye.


Design Stories
January 22, 2012

Palo Alto, CA (October 19, 2011) – Innovative, modular, and 100% off-the-grid, the House Arc is an ingenious prefab system designed by Bellomo Architects of Palo Alto, CA. The curvaceous 150-square-foot home, which is part of the firm’s Arc Products line...

January 26, 2012
House Arc

'house arc' is a modular, prefab housing system developed by palo alto, california-based bellomo architects. designed to be 100% off the grid, the 150-square-foot unit can be flat-packed and shipped in a box that is 4x10x3 feet in size...

January 31, 2012
Modular, Off-Grid 'House Arc' Comes As Flat Pack -- It's Also Disaster-Resistant (Video)

Aside from FEMA's formaldehyde traps post-hurricane Katrina, there's been plenty of examples of trailers -- remodelled or otherwise -- now featuring more high-end green design. With the emphasis on lightweight...


January 26, 2012
Residential Architecture: House Arc by Bellomo Architects

Residential Architecture: House Arc by Bellomo Architects: “..a modular, prefab housing system..designed to be 100% off the grid, the 150-square-foot unit can be flat-packed and shipped in a box that is 4x10x3 feet in size...


Nano House Book
Nano House Book
Bellomo Architects’ House Arc prominently featured in the new publication, "Nano House: Innovations for Small Dwellings" (Thames and Hudson) available October 17, 2011.

Xypex News
102 University
Palo Alto, CA.

Tuesday February 15, 2011
"The XYPEX/slag combination created the densest, most durable, waterproof concrete that we’ve yet been able to produce..."

The use of concrete as a design element has always appealed to architects. However, concern over water seepage, efflorescence and rebar corrosion has often held them back....

City of Palo Alto
Planning & Community Environment

Monday January 10, 2011
Sustainability/Green Building

Feature - 102 University is currently under review for LEED-NC Platinum Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. Designed by Bellomo Architects...

Housing and Rebuilding Communities
Friday February 26, 2010
Panel Sessions at Relief 2.0 in Haiti at Stanford University
"Housing and Rebuilding Communities"

One full day of panels with key players and stakeholders of Haiti's relief efforts, sharing experiences and discussing challenges and foresight of a brighter future for Haiti.


The American Institute of Architects California Council
Wednesday, August 19, 2009
State Architect Group Recognizes 2009 Design Awards Recipients

SACRAMENTO, CA -- 08/19/09 -- Every year, since 1982, The American Institute of Architects, California Council (AIACC) has celebrated outstanding architecture through The AIACC Design Awards program. Once again, The AIACC, in partnership with energy performance experts at Savings By Design, proudly recognize and celebrate excellence in architecture and design, announcing the recipients of the annual Design Awards competition from 382 entrants. The AIACC's esteemed Design Awards jury was comprised of:


Alan G. Brake
The Architects Newspaper
Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Curve Your Wheels
Architect-designed bike storage system rolled out in California

Cities across the country are investing in bicycling infrastructure, but the workaday inverted, U-shaped bike racks remain the standard in most places. That may change if the partners in the new Bike Arc storage system have their way, and their new modular rack is flexible and compact enough to be a contender for widespread use. A few prototypes were installed in downtown Palo Alto in January, and more will be installed in Palo Alto and Redwood City, California next week.


Zahid Sardar
Chronicle Staff Writer
Sunday, June 21, 2009
Bicycle Rack Yields Design for Modular Home

Prefabricated houses have long intrigued Modernist architects and, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina when some homes simply floated away, many philanthropic Bay Area organizations such as Habitat for Humanity have encouraged architects to think of easy-to-assemble, affordable buildings.

Now Palo Alto architect Joseph Bellomo has concocted the House Arc, a modular building that started out as a semi-circular bicycle shelter and bike rack.


Cambridge Architectural
Architectural Mesh Shading System
May 07, 2009
Cambridge Solucent woven metal fabric shines in Silicon Valley

A metal fabric shading system from Cambridge Architectural delivers a smart and fresh design for 116 University Avenue, matching the building's place and purpose in the heart of high-tech Palo Alto, CA.

Serving as the focal point of Silicon Valley, the city of Palo Alto is home to numerous technology companies and firms, the most prominent being the Internet giant Facebook. 116 University Avenue is one of ten buildings that make up Facebook's “campus”. Situated between Stanford University and downtown Palo Alto, it houses the Facebook Cafe – the company's upscale employee cafeteria.


Zahid Sardar
Chronicle Staff Writer
Wednesday, April 25, 2007
An architect's lyrical concrete house in Palo Alto finds arboreal inspiration

Modernist forms without sterility? That's what Palo Alto architect Joseph Bellomo's work has.

Whether large parking garages in central Palo Alto or small houses of concrete, glass and steel, Bellomo's structures are different from most function-driven modernist designs because they are inspired by nature. He thinks of buildings as tree structures -- weighted at the bottom and lighter at the top. And he likes to make landscaping integral to a building's design so that it meshes with nature and history of place. He builds stories.

Friday, March 2, 2009
More Platinum in Palo Alto at 102 University Avenue

102 University Avenue is a mixed-use development that is pursuing LEED Platinum certification. The sign at the project site outlines the key features of the building, including the Location and Linkages. This building is located in downtown Palo Alto and is across the street from the train station, which goes to downtown San Francisco. Also, the building is only minutes away from Stanford University. A great location.


AIA Award Winner
116 University

Palo Alto, CA
2008 Design awards AIA Santa Clara Valley

In an effort to enliven the building and contribute to the accessibility of the city, the architects collaborated with city officials, the public of Palo Alto, and private agencies. To give back to the community, the form of the building is set back from the sidewalk and neighboring buildings to create pedestrian friendly access and enhance daylight. In addition, the new building reveals the structure such as the concrete, but rather than harsh and brutal, the effect is warm and intriguing.


Distinguished Leadership Award
University Circle Development

Palo Alto, CA
Distinguished Leadership Award, University Circle Developement

This award is bestowed on a non-APA related organization whose efforts have contributed to elevating planning principles, thus creating greater awareness of the value of planning, and improving the quality of life in one or more communities.

AIA Award Winner
Grill Square

Mesa, Arizona
2008 Design awards AIA Santa Clara Valley

Award of Excellence
Joseph Bellomo Architects, Inc.

Project: Grill Square, Mesa, Arizona
Client: Jungwoo Lee, Las Vegas, Nevada
Consultants: BDA Engineers, Scottsdale, Arizona; Lindsley Architectural Lighting, Orinda, California; Patrick T. Foley Construction, Tempe, Arizona


Malama Learning Center
Kapolei, HI
Malama Learnig Center Design Award

The self-contained structure is beautiful and stunning. It is an attractive building that would be a nice addition to the community as a landmark. The design captures the essence of the heart of the Malama Learning Center -- a symbol of the merging of conservation and the arts.


Cambridge Architectural

Architectural Mesh Shading System
116 University Avenue – Palo Alto, CA

"Cambridge’s mesh veils and highlights the structure. It reduces solar heat gain and blocks about 50 percent of the sunlight and glare coming through the windows without blocking the views out of those windows."

AIA Merit Award Winner
Seneca Residence
Palo Alto, CA
2006 Design awards AIA Santa Clara Valley

In 1999 an artist and her entrepeneur husband hired our firm to generate designs ideas for a historic 1920's Palo Alto home they were considering purchasing. Their program at the time included a kitchen remodel and some minor interior cosmetic changes.

As we began exploring design possibilities, however, we realized that what the clients wanted was a house that expressed their particular artistic and environmental vision. They wanted a place that is open to it's surroundings while offering privacy; that is materially rich but subtle; and that offers a sense of artistry in the architecture